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Photo Credit: Oliver, Maine Coast Semester 59, South Kent School, Nanjing, China

What is the Midcoast Community Alliance?

The Midcoast Community Alliance is a grassroots community coalition dedicated to ending suicide in Sagadahoc County, Brunswick & Wiscasset Maine. We are a committee of over 34 community organizations, law enforcement agencies, healthcare agencies, school departments, students, families affected by suicide, city council members, community members, and faith-based organizations.

Founded in July 2016 by the Bath Youth Meetinghouse & Skatepark, the Midcoast Community Alliance grew quickly and has become a safety net for community members who are hurting.

Our goal is for everyone to see that they are not alone, help is available, and hope exists. 

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Support the work of the Midcoast Community Alliance,
an initiative of the Friends of the Bath Youth Meetinghouse & Skatepark, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Funds will be used for YOU MATTER events at local schools, health promotion & education including Youth Mental Health First Aid training, anti-bullying & suicide prevention campaigns, Adverse Childhood Experiences education, and Set for Success: a community event that supplies new backpacks and all teacher required school supplies to 2000 PreK-12 students in RSU 1. 

By donating to the MCA, you become a partner in ending suicide in our communities.

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